Hey there, pleased to meet you! Welcome to my corner of the internet, my name is Ștefan.

About me:

I got my first computer at around age 11, and by the age of 13 I got bored with what I could do, so I started to look into a way to make the computer do what I wanted. Back then, I had a Windows XP machine, so the obvious choice (and easiest) was .NET, Visual Basic to be more specific. I started learning how to code from internet forums, mostly MSDN forum in the Visual Basic section. I didn't link my account because it's something that I don't do anymore, but if you do a bit of digging, you'll surely find me with ease.

Mid high-school I helped a company for free with some mobile apps, so I migrated towards Objective-C and Java. Not much to add here, I only have a repo on git in OBJ-C, most of the code was under NDA with no option to opensource any of it.

In university, I started to work for Findie, for which I still work today. It's a cool place to be, and I learned most of the stuff I know here. Now I mostly do JavaScript, React on front-end, Node on back-end. I've also learned Neo4j, Redis, certified in MongoDB and on my way to finish a Machine Learning Specialization ( 1st, 2nd). I do most of the backend, server and DBA work. It's here were I started to give back to the community and started to open-source some of my work under MIT License.